Wednesday, 16 April 2014

# 33 Kisses from the fish to the CAT!

I've encouraged someone to continue to write her blog and this actually reminded me.. myself that I should also continue that.   I should also do more on Arts & Crafts.. that is my passion.  I should spend more time with my kids rather than thinking too much.  I should also mind my own business (MYOB!) as I've been 'kepoh' for people's life.. that I feel guilty that I've said something wrong, or predicted something wrong that causes trouble.  Caring too much may not be good.  Thinking too much too.  

I just wish to see everyone at home happy eating dinner together and chat .... it's just so simple yet difficult to achieve at times.  I miss the time when we sit down and chat. 

Yes, I miss some surprises too in a corner of my house.. I longed for it

Today, I've started to do something for my lil darling to make her happier in the morning.  This morning, I did this peanut butter bread and a cup of Milo (her favourite) for her breakfast.  Yes Kisses from the fish to a CAT... I miss your kisses!  Even though the CAT eats the fish.. but fish still wants to kiss you! LOL

Monday, 14 April 2014

# 32 Breakfast at home

These are the breakfast done at home when I have the 'feeling' to do something cute and happy.... recently am not..... been quite emo after knowing someone.  Someone that affected my mood a lot.

These are all done for my little darling.  She is happy when I do bento for her

Friday, 11 April 2014

# 31 Bento Bento

French toast that my little darling like..with her favourite fruits.. apple :)

Egg Bread roll n fruits with enzyme drink ... another favourite breakfast of hers

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Life is with a lot of ups and downs.... if you know my story, it seems to be stressful.  Well, you wouldn't want to know.   Everyone has their own story to tell. Sometimes little things may happen and make you mad about it.  Totally spoil your happy mood.  Of course, we always tell ourselves, we are in charge of our mood.. it's our choice!  Still.... suddenly you just cannot find any happy things that can cheer you up... you become emotional, sensitive, depressed

# 30 Fruits Satay

Little darling made this fruits satay for me.. she's such a darling.  This is a new container we bought for my little boy, whom we called him Di Di (means brother). 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

# 29 Bento for bus ride

This was done for my little darling and Kwai G for them to eat in the bus.  They are travelling back to Malaysia then.  I miss them so much and do not wish for them to leave me then.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

# 28 Garden of Windmills

The Garden of Windmills is my little darling's favourite.  It was not for her, but when she saw this photo, she put this as my Iphone wall paper.   She said I must do this for her next time as this was done for my Kwai G.

Sandwich - Honey Glazed Ham, Lettuce, cucumber, cheese, onions, tomatoes, bbq sauce